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Metro Home Manager LLC is a full service gardening company. Kathy/owner is a professional gardener, certified organic gardener and a master gardener. We offer an educated approach to landscaping. We do not chop and go. The idea behind our gardening service to asses a landscape and determine how to give it a chance to perform at it’s highest potential. What does that mean?… Here’s and example. Take the burning bush. Everybody just rounds it off into lollipop shape or a square year after year. Instead we do a hard pruning in the winter. When it leafs out the following season it is full and beautiful and depending on location we will not have to touch that shrub again for 2 to 3 years. What just happened?… The burning bush was pruned in the winter, we put zero stress on it in it’s growing season and we just saved the client from one to two years of hedging cost. This just one example of how we operate. Our goal is the health and well being of the landscape. We work and plant with nature. It don’t try to force plants to grow in areas not well suited for it. That just cost the client more money.
Metro Home Manager is a full service gardening company.

Kathy LeClaire
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Master Gardener.
Certifed Organic Gardener.
Professional Gardener.

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